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Self Storage, Multifamily Real Estate and Manufactured Home Communities are The Most Proven and Secure Asset Classes

Self Storage

Self-storage offers recession-resistant, stable cash flow with high profit margins and low maintenance costs. It's an ideal asset for portfolio diversification, catering to consistent consumer demand. With low operational complexity and the benefit of land appreciation, self-storage presents a compelling return on investment.

Multifamily Real Estate

The Gold Standard in Real Estate Investment. Multifamily Apartments offer unmatched economies of scale, strong demand and consistent returns. They are the most sought-after, dependable and secure asset class there is.

Manufactured Home Communities

Known traditionally as Mobile Home Parks, these communities offer significant returns with less maintenance and capital expenditure then most other Real Estate classes.

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Earn consistent returns without the roller coaster ride of the stock market. Own appreciating assets that pay you passive income.

Trusted by Investors

We are investors ourselves and we know how precious your hard-earned money is. We only offer deals that we feel comfortable investing in ourselves.

Invest With Confidence

A continuous pipeline of deals flow through our extensive underwriting process. Deals are scrutinized against market comparables and metrics. We close on deals that have been vetted through our intensive due diligence process and meet our investing standards.

Secure Investor Portal

Our Investor Portal is a secure website where you can view your investment. Here you can see your invested dollars, which properties they are in, and see your returns in detail.

Your investments deserve the best. That's why we spend hundreds of hours choosing each property to make sure it fits our stringent requirements. 

Grow Your Retirement Funds - On Your Terms

We Strongly Believe In Choices

Instead of Blindly investing your 401k and IRA funds the traditional way, Convert them to be Self-Directed so YOU can choose where the money goes. A smart choice for growth is one of our Self Storage or Residential Communities.

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Meet Our Expert Team

Excellence and Honesty Guide our Vision Forward

Chris Leahy

Chris Leahy

Founding Partner

Chris is a Founding Partner at SunSecure Investments, bringing over two decades of sales expertise. He began his real estate journey in 2005 as a Realtor. His portfolio grew to include a multifamily rental property on Maui 16 years ago and has since diversified into wholesaling, fix-and-flips, and private money lending, along with investments in large multifamily apartments. With this multifaceted background, Chris specializes in self-storage investments. His ultimate mission is to help investors build secure portfolios that generate consistent income and create generational wealth, empowering them to lead financially secure and fulfilling lives.

Chris Ryan Puleo

Chris Ryan Puleo

Founding Partner

Chris is a member and author of Forbes real estate council, founder of SunSecure investments LLC, founder of Beyond Properties Group, and philanthropist. As a seasoned real estate adviser of over 19 years, Chris Ryan is recognized as one of North America’s industry leaders in all facets of real estate. Chris is also focused on building a legacy that aims to make this world a healthier place from an environmental and humanitarian standpoint. Chris incorporates his heart-led leadership in all areas of his life. He has fully adopted his favorite quote: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar

Andrew Diaz

Andrew Diaz


Andy Diaz, is a Texas resident, full-time investor, and entrepreneur with a deep passion for real estate and digital e-commerce. He has over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and executive leadership roles across multiple pre-IPO software companies, he's become an accomplished real estate investor having acquired multiple single and multifamily rental properties in central Texas and Indianapolis. Andy is currently the founder and CEO of Real Capital Automation, a digital e-commerce agency that specializes in creating diverse online passive income streams, and General Partner at SunSecure Investments, a company focused on helping people achieve financial freedom and long-term wealth through active and passive real estate investing.

Advisory Board

Jason Yarusi

Jason Yarusi

Advisor and Syndicator

Jason is an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor. He and his wife Pili are the founding and managing members of Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm. They have acquired over 2300 units valued at $245 Million. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding.

Pili Yarusi

Pili Yarusi

Advisor and Syndicator

Pili Yarusi loves to help people and “Lead with Aloha”. She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings and Multifamily Live. Multifamily Live is an interactive education platform for investors to build a strong FOUNDATION buying Large Multifamily. Pili has her NJ Real Estate License with EXP Commercial.

Chad King

Chad King

Advisor and Syndicator

Chad is a multifamily Syndicator and business coach. He began his real estate career in the wholesale/fix and flip niche completing over 400 deals. He is an accomplished investor, and business coach; teaching sales, investing, property acquisitions, and income stream building. Chad’s passion is building generational wealth through investing in multifamily apartments; he currently owns 474 doors.

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Investor Questions


As our new investing partner, you may have some questions. Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive.

    What qualifies an accredited investor?

    An accredited investor must exceed a net worth of $1,000,000 excluding a personal residence or an individual income above $200,000 in the last two years or a joint income with a spouse above $300,000.

      Can I invest with my IRA?

      Yes, you can invest through a self directed IRA. This allows you to invest tax-advantaged retirement funds into real estate. You must use an entity that specializes in SD accounts to manage the transaction, paperwork and financial reporting. This custodian will protect you from any violations, they typically charge a fee.

        What is my money being used for?

        Investor funds go towards the down payment for the loan, renovation and CapEx items, fees charged for putting the deal together and initial operating and reserve funds for the property. The PPM will have a detailed section of the uses of equity.

          How frequently are distributions made?

          Distributions are generally made quarterly and begin to accrue once the deal closes. Whether distributions can be sent will be based on the strategy, implementation and stage of the general partners project. At SunSecure Investments, distributions are sent quarterly.

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